The Synopsis

A web series that tells the story of three ordinary roommates with extraordinary abilities. A struggling actress who can’t be lied to, a British barista who can read minds and a couch potato who knows the future aren’t bothered with saving the world, they just want to make it through the day. But when a mysterious young woman enters their lives, their friendship - and their abilities - comes under threat.


The Trailer


The Awards

The Screenings

The Leads

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ben - will turner roden

Will had the absolute pleasure of flying over from the UK to film Extra/Ordinary! He has been working as an actor for several years now and the enjoyment and professionalism he experienced on set was second to none. He would like to thank Shakedown Productions for such a wonderful opportunity being involved with this web series. His special ability is being fluent in pigeon. www.willroden.com


ellie/executive producer - alexandra rose

Alexandra Rose is a producer/director/actress, who loves being behind the camera just as much as she likes being in front of it. She is the Executive Producer of Shakedown Productions, a NYC based production company founded in 2015. Her first film, “The Vanity”, completed its widely successful festival run in 2017. As a horror junkie - and an A24 addict - she is passionate about compelling and unique narratives and loves to collaborate with like-minded individuals to help bring a story to life. Her special ability is never having to wait in long lines.

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zeke - celey schumer

Celey is an actor, writer, and artist. She was born & raised in a small VT town where the cows outnumbered the people. When she is not being a very serious actor, she does sketch comedy with BoogieManja at the PIT, and stand-up comedy wherever she finds a discarded microphone. Her special ability is knowing the best dessert on the menu.

The Supporting Cast


Chloe/producer - Erika Santosuosso

Erika Santosuosso is a cog in the beautiful wheel that is Shakedown Productions. She loves filmmaking and dabbles in writing, directing, and producing as well as performing. Her special ability is to creatively solve any problem and empower the people around her to be the best version of themselves.



Adam Griffith is a filmmaker/actor/photographer. He has been a resident at The McKittrick Hotel (aka the immersive theater experience “Sleep No More”) for three years and runs his up-and-coming photography studio out of Manhattan. His special ability is to make anyone/anything look good with a camera.



Patrick is an actor, writer, and improviser who originally hails from Richmond, VA, but has lived in New York longer than he cares to admit. His special ability is being classified as a different personality type every time he takes a Myers-Briggs test.



Lizzie LaMorgia received a Master of Arts in Musical Theatre from the Guildford School of Acting at the University of Surrey and a BFA in Theater Arts Performance from Hofstra University. Her special ability is making sweets disappear. @mrslizziesmith www.lizzielamorgia.com



Jessica Afton is a Mexican-American Actor & Filmmaker. She is an Alumni of LAByrinth Theatre Company’s Ensemble Workshop, and a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, The Alliance of Women Directors, Women in Film, and the Chicana Directors Initiative. Her special ability is turning a nickel into five pennies.


The Crew


Benjamin long - writer/director

Benjamin Long is a British writer & director based in New York City. Moving to the States in 2012 to study journalism and creative writing, he recently graduated, with honors, from Baruch College. This is both his screenplay and directorial debut. His special ability would be walking long distances without ever really going anywhere.


ezekiel jiles, jr - co-director

Ezekiel Jiles, Jr is a young creative talent who has a passion for storytelling. Whether it’s acting, collaborating or working behind the scenes, the process of creating is the most enjoyable for him. His special ability is never being caught tripping.


isabella tan - director of photography

Isabella Tan is an award winning Director and Cinematographer from South East Asia. After graduating from NYU in 2017, she became the Executive Creative Director at REBEL MOTION, a creative production agency. Her short film, “Girl Who Reads”, an experimental exploration into the complexities of modern relationships, was an official selection for National Film Festival for Talented Youths (NFFTY) in 2015 and has been screened in multiple festivals since. Her special ability is being in several places at once.


alexis digregorio - assistant director

Alexis Di Gregorio is an actor/AD/producer/comedian and a true Masshole. She's thrilled to have been apart of the crew of Extra/Ordinary, and found her love for Assistant Directing on the set. Her special ability is being able to laugh and cry at the same time.

Katrina Day Headshot 1.JPG

katrina day - producer

Katrina Day is a Brooklyn based screenwriter, content creator, and the founder of Lady Parts (www.someladyparts.com), a blog and digital series dedicated to calling out sexism in entertainment and celebrating female filmmakers. More information at www.katrinaday.com. Her special ability is to magnetically attract stray kittens.

The Artists


Louis Robert King - Composer

Lou has scored many short films that have traveled the festival circuit including “The Albatross”, which was nominated for best animated short at the prestigious AATCA awards. He has also created musical branding for major companies such as Xbox, Geico, and Google. In 2018, his music for HP was nominated for the permanent collection at MOMA. As an orchestrator, he helped bring to final fruition the music you hear behind the iconic Columbia Pictures Logo, as well as film scores for Disney and Warner Bros. His special ability is having a quip for every occasion. www.louisrobertking.com.



Grace is an editor and colorist based in Brooklyn, NY currently working on her MFA in cinematic production at the Fierstein Graduate School of Cinema. A native Virginian, she spends her time in NYC working on short films, documentaries and commercials. Her special ability is to animorph into a lobster. www.gracenovak.com.



Harry Aspinwall is an actor, filmmaker and VFX artist. He was thrilled to be a part of Extra/Ordinary’s post-production. His special ability is not answering emails. www.harryaspinwall.com.



SONIDO SOUND is post-production audio by Jaime Marcelo - a composer, sound designer, and audio mixer based in Brooklyn, NY. He splits his time between sound effects editing and mixing, music composition, and performance primarily within film, TV, and video games. Jaime’s work can also be heard as a sound effects editor on “Z Nation” seasons 4 & 5, the HBO documentary “Atomic Homefront”, and the music score for the Spanish-language indie film “Buscando Al Zorro”. His special ability is talking to animals (though he still doesn't understand what they say back).


Contact Us

Email: shakedownprodco@gmail.com

Instagram: @extraordinaryseries